Welcome to our  base camp – even by helicopter!

Arrange those unforgettable bachelor parties with us

Arrange those memorable occasions- bachelor parties, night outs with other team members or work colleagues, etc. with us, right from our base camp at Vehkajärvi in Kangasala.  We accommodate you in comfortable rented cottages and offer you tasty food.

Whether it’s a bachelor party, relaxation from the bustle and hustle of life or just a night out with friends or team colleagues, we provide the perfect, peaceful, natural environment to fulfill your expectations. Just remember that shooting and off-road driving require sobriety, and that you can enjoy alcoholic drinks after the most demanding phases of the programme.

Drive our safari off-roaders

Test your limits with our right-hand drive, all-terrain safari vehicles, singly or as a group. You can choose either a super four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle or a heavy duty six-wheeled beast (The safari price includes an obligatory off-road vehicle safety course, which lasts 45 minutes).

Try our guns - and grill sausages

With your hands and eyes, you can test the power and accuracy of a legitimate assault rifle. You can also try the Finnish Lion smallbore precision rifle or air rifle. And along the way, on Route 3 you can take a break and even grill some sausages.

There is, of course, CAFÉ OFF-THE ROAD restaurant, where you can convene a meeting for a maximum of 25 people. The restaurant is equipped with a Wlan system for Internet access as well as TV and music equipment.

Safari sauna

Test the best Finnish sauna, situated right on the bank of the lake. Sweat out the safari strain, and take a plunge into the clear water. Relax and get back to the world famous Finnish sweat lodge.

Test drive our off-roaders in sand pits and forest tracks. See our vehicle from here.