Welcome to our  base camp – even by helicopter!

Experience the rugged charm of Kangasala

Come to our base camp, which is situated in the rugged environs of Vehkajärvi village, Kangasala, in Kuhmalahti county, on the banks of Lake Syväjärvi . 

Deep Lake Safari Oy
Kirjamontie 233
Phone. 0500 231 153

GPS coordinates: 61.32.161 N, 24.52.458 E

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Driving directions from Jyväskyä

From Jämsä, turn left from the large roundabout to LAHTI-KUHMOINEN. From Kuhmoisten, after 4 kilometres towards Lahti, turn right to Tampere (Road number 325). Drive 16.6 km towards Tampere and then turn right after 100 meters from the P-sign into KIRJAMONTIE. Drive a further 2.3 km to Vehkäjärvi.

Driving directions from the Tampere

From the Lahti road, drive through Kangasala and turn right into KUHMOINEN-SAHALAHTI road (Number 325) after the first intersection. Drive through Sahalahti and Kuhmalahti until you get to a small built-up area called Pohja. About 8 kilometres from Kuhmoista, drive over Vehkajärvi village, and after about 2.5 kilometres there is a P-sign on the right side of the road. A 100 metres before the P-sign, turn left into KIRJAMONTIE and drive for 2.3 kilometres to our base camp.

Driving directions from Helsinki

Drive along the motorway to Hämeenlinna and turn right, after the city centre, into the HATTULA-PÄLKÄNE-HAUHO road. Drive to Pälkäne Laitikkala until you reach the Tampere-Lahti road. Turn left and drive towards Tampere, and turn right to LUOPIONEN before you get to Palkane centre. Drive through Aito centre to Luopioisten village until you get to the centre of RAUTAJÄRVI village. Turn left from the three-road intersection to KUHMALAHTI and get to a small built-up area called POHJA. Drive some few metres from the centre into the TAMPERE-KUHMOINEN road. Turn right to KUHMOINEN (Road number 325). Drive through Vehkajärvi to Kuhmoinen and onto Vehkajärvi Church for some 2,5 kilometres. Turn left into KIRJAMONTIE before the parking place. Continue for 2,3 kilometres and you will see many off-roaders and some buildings by the lake shore. Welcome, and park your car in the courtyard.