Welcome to our  base camp – even by helicopter!

Shooting and offroad racing safaris

Deep Lake Safari Oy offers unforgettable outdoor experiences from Vehkajärvi village, right in the middle of the Finnish coniferous wilderness. Our base camp is situated on the fringes of the unspoilt Lake Syväjärvi (Syvajärvi means Deep Lake, which is how we acquired our unique name).

Experience safe and secure shooting and off-road safaris in a breathtaking,  unspoilt  natural environment. Experience the feel and thrill of  firing some of the most exclusive firearms in the world.      

Why you should try this wilderness experience?

Get away from the hustle and bustle of life, and feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Get your batteries charged, so to speak, and experience the camaraderie of friends or work colleagues in a stress-free natural environment. We guarantee that this is an experience that you will remember many years after.

We have an assortment of all-terrain vehicles and for all tastes. See the formidable range of our off-roaders from here and take your pick!

When should you come?

Anytime! Day or night, from morning to the wee hours.  Midweek or weekend. The choice is yours. The only limit is when the mercury goes below minus 20 degrees Celsius, and we recommend that you stay indoors.

Contact us, and find our location from here.